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To learn something new every day, to approach unknown things with an open mind and with interest, these were words of wisdom that I grew up with. However, getting through high school was very difficult for me. Not until university did I realise the importance of combining subjects. In music I was able to find links to so many subjects and learn about history, literature, politics, physics, mathematics, languages, and medicine. An interest in cross-disciplinary teaching evolved.


Would you like to give your students a special introduction into a specific subject? I am open for ideas, projects and working together on bringing classical music to a broad audience.


Are you interested in taking violin or viola lessons? I am happy to teach all ages and all levels with an individual approach to each person. If you are curious about lessons or have questions, please do not hesitate to ask your questions in a mail.


I teach in English, German and Swiss German and also give online lessons over various platforms.

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